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 New  DDD - "Eating Up New Orleans" (3/1/19)
DDD - "Handy Helpings" (1/25/19)
DDD - "Piling On the Pork" (12/28/18)
DDD - "Regional Recipes" (12/14/18)
DDD - "From Sandwiches to Stroganoff" (11/30/18)
DDD - "Burgers, Bacon and BBQ" (11/23/18)
DDD - "Meaty Mashup" (11/9/18)
DDD - "From Big Burgers to Little Italy" (10/26/18)
DDD - "Pretzels, Pork and Paella" (10/19/18)
DDD - "Sandwiches, Southern and South of the Border" (9/28/18)
DDD - "From Pork to Pasta" (9/21/18)
DDD - "Culinary Journey" (9/7/18)
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DDD - "Far East Flavorfest" (8/31/18)
DDD - "Tasty Traditions" (8/10/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Indianapolis, IN" (8/6/18)
DDD - "Fusion of Flavors" (8/3/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Cincinnati, OH" (7/30/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Maui, HI" (7/30/18)
DDD - "On the Hook and In the Bun" (7/27/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Duluth, MN" (7/18/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Saint Paul, MN" (7/17/18)
DDD - "Playin' Chicken" (7/6/18)
DDD - "Italian, Hawaiian and Colombian" (6/29/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Palm Springs, CA" (6/18/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Orange County, CA" (6/18/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Baltimore, MD" (6/18/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Savannah, GA" (6/11/18)
DDD - "East Coast, West Coast" (6/8/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Atlanta, GA" (6/4/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Minneapolis, MN" (5/28/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Jersey Shore, NJ" (5/28/18)
DDD - "BBQ Bites and Southern Flavor" (5/25/18)
DDD - "Grab and Grub" (5/18/18)
DDD - "Primetime Pork" (5/11/18)
DDD - "Seafood and Savory" (4/27/18)
DDD - "All-American All-Stars" (4/13/18)
DDD - "Pizza, Pork and Peru" (4/6/18)
Bucket List (4/1/18)
DDD - "Lights-Out Latin" (3/30/18)
DDD - "West Coast Cookin'" (3/16/18)
DDD - "International Intrigue" (3/9/18)
DDD - "Rollin' in the Dough" (3/2/18)
DDD - "Pub Grub" (2/23/18)
DDD - "All Kinds of Comfort" (2/18/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Grand Rapids, MI" (2/12/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Nashville, TN" (2/5/18)
DDD - "Bird and Beef" (2/2/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Ozark Mountains" (1/29/18)
DDD - "By Land and Sea" (1/26/18)
DDD - "Delicious Discoveries" (1/19/18)
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Newest Restaurants Added
Avery's On Tulane (New Orleans)
Seither's Seafood (New Orleans)
Piece Of Meat (New Orleans)
Rreal Tacos (Atlanta)
Hruska's Kolaches (Salt Lake City)
Proper Burger (Salt Lake City)
Luna Rosa Puerto Rican Grill Y Tapas (San Antonio)
Turkey and the Wolf (New Orleans)
Marjie's Grill (New Orleans)
Dignowity Meats On Houston Street (San Antonio)
Ma Harper's Creole Kitchen (San Antonio)
Taqueria Molcajetes (Santa Rosa)
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