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 New  DDD - "Playin' Chicken" (7/6/18)
 New  Man v. Food (New) - "Baltimore, MD" (6/18/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Palm Springs, CA" (6/18/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Savannah, GA" (6/11/18)
DDD - "East Coast, West Coast" (6/8/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Atlanta, GA" (6/4/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Jersey Shore, NJ" (5/28/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Minneapolis, MN" (5/28/18)
DDD - "BBQ Bites and Southern Flavor" (5/25/18)
DDD - "Grab and Grub" (5/18/18)
DDD - "Primetime Pork" (5/11/18)
DDD - "Seafood and Savory" (4/27/18)
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DDD - "All-American All-Stars" (4/13/18)
DDD - "Pizza, Pork and Peru" (4/6/18)
Bucket List (4/1/18)
DDD - "Lights-Out Latin" (3/30/18)
DDD - "West Coast Cookin'" (3/16/18)
DDD - "International Intrigue" (3/9/18)
DDD - "Rollin' in the Dough" (3/2/18)
DDD - "Pub Grub" (2/23/18)
DDD - "All Kinds of Comfort" (2/18/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Grand Rapids, MI" (2/12/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Nashville, TN" (2/5/18)
DDD - "Bird and Beef" (2/2/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Ozark Mountains" (1/29/18)
DDD - "By Land and Sea" (1/26/18)
DDD - "Delicious Discoveries" (1/19/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Philadelphia, PA" (1/15/18)
DDD - "Poutine, Pizza and Pork" (1/5/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "Pittsburgh, PA" (1/1/18)
Man v. Food (New) - "San Diego, CA" (1/1/18)
DDD - "Mom's Kitchen" (12/22/17)
Man v. Food (New) - "Seattle, WA" (12/18/17)
DDD - "Triple-D Classics" (12/16/17)
DDD - "Breakfast, Brisket and Belly" (12/15/17)
Man v. Food (New) - "St. Louis, MO" (12/11/17)
Man v. Food (New) - "Boston, MA" (12/4/17)
Man v. Food (New) - "Los Angeles, CA" (12/4/17)
DDD - "Northeast Feast" (11/24/17)
DDD - "College-Town Champs" (11/17/17)
DDD - "Sammies and Spice" (11/10/17)
DDD - "All in the Family" (10/27/17)
DDD - "From Pied to Fried" (10/13/17)
DDD - "Old Faces, New Places" (10/6/17)
DDD - "Amazing Asian" (9/29/17)
DDD - "A Passport of Flavor" (9/22/17)
DDD - "Ocean Coasts and Great Lakes" (9/15/17)
Man v. Food (New) - "Portland, OR" (8/28/17)
Man v. Food (New) - "Chicago, IL" (8/28/17)
Man v. Food (New) - "Houston, TX" (8/21/17)
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Newest Restaurants Added
Pizzeria Credo (Seattle)
Scolari's (Alameda, CA)
Foster's Kitchen (Kailua-Kona, HI)
Pho Saigon (Catonsville, MD)
L P Steamers (Baltimore)
Crab Shack (Tybee Island, GA)
Pirate's House (Savannah)
Papa Pancho (Edison, NJ)
Bahrs Landing Restaurant (Highlands, NJ)
Speakeatery (Asbury Park, NJ)
Manhattan in the Desert (Palm Springs, CA)
Shanghai Reds Bar & Grill (Palm Springs, CA)
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