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Aired on: October 24, 2012 
Aired on: October 24, 2012 
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Joe's Kansas City BBQSee Joe's Kansas City BBQ Video ($$)
(4725 ratings)

3002 W 47th Ave Map It!
Kansas City, KS 66103
(913) 722-3366
  • BBQ
  • Z-Man Sandwich
    slow-smoked beef brisket, smoked provolone cheese topped w/ 2 onion rings on a toasted Kaiser bun; "my favorite BBQ sandwich anywhere in the world"-Danielle Dimovski; looks good
  • Carolina Pork Sandwich
    house specialty; pulled pork served on a toasted bun, w/ spicy cole slaw & Bubba's sauce; looks good
  • Beef Brisket
    top-seller; looks good
  • Burnt Ends
    "one of the best BBQs I've come across"; looks good; only served 3 days/week (check website menu)
  • Ribs
4.5 out of 5
4725 ratings
#5 (Top 5 Restaurants-Best BBQ); opened in 1996 after multiple competition awards & catering jobs; in gas station w/ liquor store next door; voted best BBQ by readers of USA TODAY & 10Best (from its website); long lines; also known as Oklahoma Joe's BBQ
la Barbecue ($$)
(2911 ratings)

2401 E Cesar Chavez Map It!
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 605-9696
  • Beef Brisket
    moist brisket; looks good; smoked/cooked in post-oak wood for 8 hrs; looks good
  • Beef Rib
    large rib
4.5 out of 5
2911 ratings
formerly JMueller BBQ at airing; one of Danielle's personal favorites; long lines (sells out quickly); live music on Saturdays & Sundays; had to shut down temporarily in 2006...sold smokers to competitor Aaron a heated competitor; long lines
Pappy's SmokehouseSee Pappy's Smokehouse Video ($$)
(4453 ratings)

3106 Olive St Map It!
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 535-4340
  • Big Ben (BBQ)
    6-lbs total: full slab of ribs, beef brisket sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, quarter chicken, fries and sides; looks good; 6-lbs total: full slab of Ribs, a Beef Brisket and a Pork sandwich, 1/4 Chicken and 4 sides; looks good
  • BBQ
    brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey
  • Frito Pie
    Fritos topped with your choice of meat, baked beans, cheddar cheese and onion
  • Sweet Potato Fries
    "off-the-chart amazing!"-Danielle Dimovski
  • Ribs
    house specialty; baby back ribs dry-rubbed & slow smoked over apple & cherry wood; looks good
4.5 out of 5
4453 ratings
#1 (Top 5 Restaurants-Best Ribs); #48 (101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown); opened in 2008; "voted #1 in city"; close when they sell out; cooked in floor-to-ceiling smoker "Walter" ("you're really not a true redneck unless you name your smoker"); created new menu item "Adam" Bomb (for Adam Richman) - A Big Ben with a Hot Link Frito Pie
Louie Mueller BarbecueSee Louie Mueller Barbecue Video ($$)
(778 ratings)

206 W 2nd St Map It!
Taylor, TX 76574
(512) 352-6206
  • Beef Brisket
    smoked in mesquite & post-oak; seasoned w/ salt & pepper & smoked
  • Texas Beef Rib
    "Dino-Ribs" (they're big!); beef ribs rubbed w/ salt & cracked black pepper then slow-cooked over post oak wood; once sold out, they're out for rest of evening; looks good
4.0 out of 5
778 ratings
#2 (Top 5 Restaurants-Best Ribs); started in 1936 as a grocery store, selling BBQ w/ leftover meats; full-fledged BBQ joint in 1949; James Beard Foundation award-winner (American Classics - 2006); Other Recipes: Potato Salad
McClard's Bar-B-Q ($$)
(342 ratings)

505 Albert Pike Rd Map It!
Hot Springs, AR 71913
(501) 623-9665
  • Ribs
  • Tamale Spread
    tamale w/ fritos, beans, chopped beef, cheese & onions
4.0 out of 5
342 ratings
est. 1928; fourth-generation family business; Bill & Hillary Clinton ate here on their honeymoon; McClard's famous BBQ sauce originated from a down-and-out traveler who could not pay his $10 rent and gave the BBQ sauce recipe as payment
Arthur Bryant's BarbequeSee Arthur Bryant's Barbeque Video ($$)
(1798 ratings)

1727 Brooklyn Ave Map It!
Kansas City, MO 64127
(816) 231-1123
  • BBQ
  • Beef Brisket
    smoked for 12 hours; top seller
  • Ribs
    pork spare ribs; vinegar-based sauce
  • Burnt Ends
3.5 out of 5
1798 ratings
#14 (101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown);
Food War: Arthur Bryant's vs. Gate's... Arthur Bryant's won (4-votes-to-1); opened in 1930; iconic BBQ; long lines; known for its BBQ sauce; served on butcher paper w/ loaf of bread
Billy's Hickory-Pit Bar-B-Q [CLOSED] ($$)
(105 ratings)

101 Cochran Rd Map It!
Lexington, KY 40502
(859) 269-9593
  • Sampler Platter
    pork, beef, spare ribs & chicken
3.5 out of 5
105 ratings
[CLOSED]; since 1978; voted best BBQ in Lexington (ACE Weekly); funky, fun atmosphere
Buddy's All American Bar-B-Que ($$)
(70 ratings)

1537 3rd Ave Map It!
Huntington, WV 25701
(304) 522-9869
  • Potato Skins
    w/ beef brisket, cheddar cheese & bacon
  • Smoked Wings
3.5 out of 5
70 ratings
opened in 2000; bikers, beers & BBQ
Southside Market & BarbequeSee Southside Market & Barbeque Video ($$)
(531 ratings)

1212 Hwy 290 E Map It!
Elgin, TX 78621
(512) 281-4650
  • Jalapeno cheddar Sausage
    one of Danielle's personal favorites "on the planet"
  • Southside Legend Meal
    chicken, 3 types of sausage, pork steaks, brisket, ribs & Jalapenos
  • Beef Sausage
    grilled over native post oak wood
3.5 out of 5
531 ratings
since 1882 operating from the back of a horse-drawn wagon
Stubby's BBQ ($$)
(149 ratings)

3024 Central Ave Map It!
Hot Springs, AR 71913
(501) 624-1552
  • Super Combo
    ribs, beef, pork, ham, half chicken, sides & Supreme Potato (baked potato w/ toppings piled so high, it fills up the plate)
  • Supreme Potato
    baked potato w/ toppings (chopped beef or chopped pork + beans, slaw, cheese & sauce) piled so high, it fills up the plate; looks good
3.5 out of 5
149 ratings
since 1952; everything cooked in rotisserie pit
Barnyard BBQ ($$)
(67 ratings)

1101 Hospital Dr Map It!
Hurricane, WV 25526
(304) 964-3322
  • Barnyard Sampler
    pork, brisket, back ribs & chicken; "this pork is better than anything I have ever had at any BBQ joint ever!"-Danielle Dimovski
2.0 out of 5
67 ratings
opened in 2010; started by 2 lady-friends who cooked hot dogs at a fund-raiser; "if you are coming anywhere 200 miles of this place, you have to come"-Danielle Dimovski
BBQ Crawl   (11 restaurants)    
Aired on: October 24, 2012 
Aired on: October 24, 2012