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Newest Shows (Date Added)
 DDD - "From Noodle to Strudel" (1/5/24)
 DDD - "Southern, Western and North" (12/15/23)
 DDD - "Flavor Explosion" (12/8/23)
 DDD - "Wrapped, Pied and Fried" (11/17/23)
 DDD - "Meaty to Meatless" (11/10/23)
 DDD - "Sandwich-Fest" (10/27/23)
 DDD - "East, South, West" (10/20/23)
 DDD - "From Chicken to Noodles" (10/13/23)
 DDD - "Champion Chefs" (9/15/23)
 DDD - "Variety of Flavor" (9/8/23)
 DDD - "Tasty Time Travel" (8/25/23)
 DDD - "Dumpling-icious" (8/18/23)
 DDD - "Stuffed, Sandwiched and Souped" (8/4/23)
 DDD - "Top-Notch Toppings" (7/28/23)
 DDD - "Sloppy, Saucy and Stuffed" (7/7/23)
 DDD - "Down South & South of the Border" (5/19/23)
 DDD - "Seafood, Spice & Soul" (4/28/23)
 DDD - "Pick-Me-Ups" (4/14/23)
 DDD - "A World of Meat" (3/31/23)
 DDD - "Mexican, Mediterranean and Mofongo" (3/24/23)
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 DDD - "Meat and Sweet" (3/10/23)
 DDD - "Chicken and Ribs" (3/3/23)
 DDD - "All-Over Flavor" (2/17/23)
 DDD - "Interesting Italian" (1/27/23)
 DDD - "Smoker, Stove and Skewer" (1/13/23)
 DDD - "West Coast Wonders" (1/6/23)
 DDD - "Thai, Pie and Fries" (12/16/22)
 DDD - "Culinary Adventure" (11/26/22)
 DDD - "Not-Your-Everyday, All Day" (11/11/22)
 DDD - "Beef and Bird" (11/4/22)
 DDD - "Rolled and Holed" (10/7/22)
 DDD - "Eastern Southern" (9/30/22)
 DDD - "Stuffed, Smoked and Wrapped" (9/16/22)
 DDD - "Burger, Bird and Meaty Italian" (9/9/22)
 DDD - "From Chicken to Cheesesteak" (8/26/22)
 DDD - "Cheese and Meat" (8/12/22)
 DDD - "Stellar Sandwiches and Big-Time Burgers" (8/5/22)
 DDD - "Cruisin' Coast to Coast" (7/29/22)
 DDD - "From Chicken to Chiles" (7/15/22)
 DDD - "Surf and Savory" (7/8/22)
 DDD - "Flavor Expedition" (5/27/22)
 DDD - "Chicken, Steak and Cake" (5/20/22)
 DDD - "Plating Up Puerto Rico" (5/6/22)
 DDD - "Food Network Super Chefs" (4/29/22)
 DDD - "Pickin' Up and Chowin' Down" (4/15/22)
 DDD - "From Italian to Asian" (3/25/22)
 DDD - "From Appetizers to Dessert" (3/11/22)
 DDD - "Gettin' Funky in Flavortown" (3/8/22)
 DDD - "Meaty, Cheesy and Sweet" (3/4/22)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Sensational Surprises" (2/27/22)
 DDD - "Asian and American" (2/25/22)
 Man v. Food - "Hartford, CT" (2/22/22)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Mess Hall" (2/20/22)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Super Spuds" (2/13/22)
 Man v. Food - "Boulder, CO" (2/8/22)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Pasta Perfection" (2/6/22)
 Man v. Food - "Long Island, NY" (2/1/22)
 DDD - "From Europe to Asia" (1/28/22)
 Man v. Food - "Virginia Beach, VA" (1/18/22)
 Man v. Food - "Richmond, VA" (1/11/22)
 Man v. Food - "Newark, NJ" (1/4/22)
 Man v. Food - "Delaware Beaches" (12/28/21)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Toasting the Classics" (12/26/21)
 DDD - "Chicken 'Cross the Globe" (12/17/21)
 DDD - "Classic and Comfort" (11/26/21)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Ooey Gooey Goodness" (11/19/21)
 DDD - "Tacos, Tots and Chops" (11/19/21)
 DDD - "Traditional Twists" (11/5/21)
 DDD - "Sandwiches and Spice" (10/22/21)
 DDD - "Meat and Heat" (10/15/21)
 DDD - "Regional Flavors" (10/1/21)
 DDD - "Domestic & Abroad" (9/17/21)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Livin' Large" (9/6/21)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Bold Brunch" (9/6/21)
 DDD - "Cookin' from Scratch" (9/3/21)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Crazy Creations" (8/30/21)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Made Table Side" (8/23/21)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Dipped" (8/16/21)
 DDD - "Mouthwatering Meat" (8/12/21)
 DDD - "Taste of the Tropics" (7/30/21)
 DDD - "Pig's Feet, Mojo and Chow-Chow" (7/16/21)
 DDD - "Pasta, Potatoes and Pescatarian" (4/30/21)
 DDD - "Alaskan Adventure" (2/26/21)
 DDD - "Rib-Stickers" (2/12/21)
 DDD - "Savory Meat and a Little Sweet" (1/29/21)
 DDD - "Spicin' Things Up" (1/8/21)
 DDD - "South Dakota Smorgasbord" (1/1/21)
 DDD - "Pierogis, Pork and Pizza" (11/20/20)
 DDD - "Chicken and Briskets" (11/13/20)
 DDD - "From Authentic to Inventive" (10/30/20)
 DDD - "From Vikings to Wings" (10/16/20)
 DDD - "Triple D Nation: Finger Lickin' Chicken" (10/2/20)
 DDD - "Chicken and Pie" (9/18/20)
 DDD - "Triple D Nation: Smothered and Covered" (9/4/20)
 DDD - "Filling Up on Philly" (8/21/20)
 All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Magical Combos" (8/17/20)
 All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Pizza and Burgers" (7/27/20)
 All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate - "Sensational Sandwiches" (7/20/20)
 Best Thing I Ever Ate - "All Fired Up" (7/20/20)
 DDD - "Flavortown International" (7/10/20)
Newest Restaurants Added
 Bohemian Biergarten (Boulder)
 Calgary Momo House (Calgary)
 Good Fortune (Memphis)
 Heaven Restaurant Market (Calgary)
 Pie Zanos (Buffalo)
 Trap Fusion (Memphis)
 Front Yard Tacos (Mobile)
 Saffron Street (Calgary)
 Nic's on Beverly (Los Angeles)
 307 Pizza (Cody)
 Roosters (Mobile)
 Block 16 (Omaha)
 Kouzina Greek Taverna & Bar (Stamford)
 Modern Love (Omaha)
 Hummingbird Way (Mobile)
 Southwood Kitchen (Daphne)
 Kitchen Table (Omaha)
 Corbo's Southside Deli (Stamford)
 Sitti's Table (Cody)
 Noble South (Mobile)
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 Grigg Street Pizza (Greenwich)
 WD Cravings (Omaha)
 Daybird (Los Angeles)
 Il Pastaficio (Greenwich)
 Bokujo Ramen (Sioux Falls)
 Rinconcito Salvadoreno (Port Chester)
 Sago (Cincinnati)
 Izzy's Pizza Bus (Omaha)
 Schoolhouse Restaurant (Dennison)
 Grace and Hammer (Redmond)
 Stamford Diner (Stamford)
 High Camp Taphouse (Sisters)
 Marouch Restaurant (Los Angeles)
 Kiki College Hill (Cincinnati)
 Big Ski's Pierogis (Bend)
 Governor Modern Diner (Milford)
 Tacos y Birria La Unica (Los Angeles)
 A Broken Angel (Bend)
 Lucius Q (Cincinnati)
 South End (Venice)
 Anita's Kitchen (Bend)
 La Pupusa Urban Eatery (Los Angeles)
 Chazito's Latin Cuisine (Pooler)
 Sundae Cafe (Tybee Island)
 Madre - Boutique Taqueria (Boise)
 Garage (Savannah)
 Passage to India (Fargo)
 Hungry Robot (Fairbanks)
 Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen (Sioux Falls)
 Sunshine Spice Bakery & Cafe (Boise)
 Sea Wolf Tybee (Tybee Island)
 Sisters of the New South (Savannah)
 Tango's Empanadas & Grill (Meridian)
 Saint Lawrence Gridiron (Boise)
 Big Bon Bodega/Big Bon Pizza (Savannah)
 Taj Mahal Homestyle Indian & Pakistani Cuisine (Boise)
 Alyonka Russian Cuisine (Boise)
 Big Lee's - Serious About Barbecue (Ocala)
 La Cosinita Latina (West Palm Beach)
 Letty's De Leticias Cocina (Las Vegas)
 Hellenic Republic (Coral Springs)
 Cheffrey Eats (Boca Raton)
 Secret Bao (Santa Barbara)
 Butcher and The Bar (Boynton Beach)
 Rose’s Daughter (Delray Beach)
 Shalhoob's Funk Zone Patio (Santa Barbara)
 What's Zaap? Thai Food (Las Vegas)
 Blue Owl (Santa Barbara)
 House Of Dutch Pot (Las Vegas)
 Rebel House (Boca Raton)
 NoButcher (Las Vegas)
 Marsigliano's Pizzeria (Las Vegas)
 Bettina (Santa Barbara)
 Chickpeas Mediterranean Cafe (Las Vegas)
 Bossie's Kitchen (Santa Barbara)
 Chefs Touch (Santa Barbara)
 Roof 106 (Healdsburg)
 Nutmeg Bakery and Cafe (San Diego)
 NOLA on 5th (San Diego)
 Sovereign Modern Thai Cuisine (San Diego)
 Aly's Taos Eats (El Prado)
 ACEQ Restaurant (Arroyo Seco)
 Donabe Gallery and Grill (Taos)
 Shawarma Guys (San Diego)
 Mar Rustico (San Diego)
 Tuetano Taqueria (San Diego)
 Gutiz (Taos)
 Antonio's The Taste of Mexico (Taos)
 Kindred (San Diego)
 Ranchos Plaza Grill (Taos)
 Barley and Salt (North Conway)
 Shepard Barbecue (Emerald Isle)
 Floyd's 1921 Restaurant & Catering (Morehead City)
 Third Wave Cafe (New Smyrna Beach)
 Big Dave's Bagels & Deli (North Conway)
 Moat Mountain Smokehouse & Brewing (North Conway)
 Amos Mosquito's Restaurant & Bar (Atlantic Beach)
 Rose Villa Southern Table & Bar (Ormond Beach)
 Arepita Beach (Daytona Beach)
 Redheaded Stranger (Nashville)
Newest Recipes Added
 Warm Apple Strudel (Bohemian Biergarten)
 Thukpa (Chicken) (Calgary Momo House)
 Chicken Chili Momo (Calgary Momo House)
 Crawfish Dumplings (Good Fortune)
 Pataconwich (Heaven Restaurant Market)
 Pabellon Criollo (Heaven Restaurant Market)
 Chicken Saltimbocca Roulade (Pie Zanos)
 Caribbean Oxtails (Trap Fusion)
 Tiki Taco (Front Yard Tacos)
 Kati Roll (Saffron Street)
 Vegan Lamb Bolognese (Nic's on Beverly)
 Torta De Carnitas (Roosters)
 Duck Duck Goose Fries (Block 16)
 Pastitsio (Kouzina Greek Taverna & Bar)
 Nachos Molo (Modern Love)
 Creole Braised Rabbit & Grits (Hummingbird Way)
 Wagyu French Dip (Southwood Kitchen)
 Meatloaf Sandwich (Kitchen Table)
 Bao (Corbo's Southside Deli)
 Italian Sandwich (Sitti's Table)
[Expand List - Top 100]
 Corn Bread (Noble South)
 Peanut Butter Bar (WD Cravings)
 La Lasagna al Tartufo (Il Pastaficio)
 I Bigoli con Ragù d’Anatra (Duck Ragu) (Il Pastaficio)
 Tagliatelle Bolognese (Black Market Liquor Bar)
 Hamachi Crudo (Black Market Liquor Bar)
 Tamal de Pollo (Rinconcito Salvadoreno)
 Pupusa Revueltas (Rinconcito Salvadoreno)
 Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang (Sago)
 Honeypeno (Izzy's Pizza Bus)
 Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie (Schoolhouse Restaurant)
 Corn Bread (Schoolhouse Restaurant)
 Crispy Chicken Wings (Grace and Hammer)
 Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup (Stamford Diner)
 Bao Wow Sandwich (High Camp Taphouse)
 Momo (Tibetan Dumplings) (High Camp Taphouse)
 Mantee (Marouch Restaurant)
 Pork Gyoza (Kiki College Hill)
 Golumpki (Big Ski's Pierogis)
 Short Rib Grilled Cheese (Governor Modern Diner)
 Governor Tso Chicken Sandwich (Governor Modern Diner)
 Quesatacos (Tacos y Birria La Unica)
 "Okie" Fried Rice (A Broken Angel)
 BBQ 3-Way (Lucius Q)
 Fried Abbot (South End)
 Butter Chicken (Anita's Kitchen)
 Chicharron Pupusa (La Pupusa Urban Eatery)
 Mofongo Burger (Chazito's Latin Cuisine)
 Pan Seared Scallops (Sundae Cafe)
 Down South Grilled Cheese (Sundae Cafe)
 Braised Carnitas Tacos (Madre - Boutique Taqueria)
 Quesabirria (Madre - Boutique Taqueria)
 Lamb Rogan Josh (Passage to India)
 "Burning Bumble Bee" Pizza (Hungry Robot)
 Mantoo (Dumplings) (Sunshine Spice Bakery & Cafe)
 The Glizzy (Hot Dog) (Sea Wolf Tybee)
 Tinga Empanadas (Tango's Empanadas & Grill)
 Gridiron Burger (Saint Lawrence Gridiron)
 Spicy Bee Pizza (Big Bon Bodega/Big Bon Pizza)
 Goat Karahi (Taj Mahal Homestyle Indian & Pakistani Cuisine)
 Lamb Plof (Alyonka Russian Cuisine)
 Pelmeni (Alyonka Russian Cuisine)
 Ribs (Big Lee's - Serious About Barbecue)
 Mofongo a la Cosinita (La Cosinita Latina)
 Chilangos (Letty's De Leticias Cocina)
 Kataifi Fried Shrimp & Traxana (Hellenic Republic)
 Brownie Batter Cheesecake (Cheffrey Eats)
 The Barnyard (Burger) (Cheffrey Eats)
 Korean Paella (Secret Bao)
 Porchetta Sandwich (Butcher and The Bar)
 Short Rib Pappardelle (Rose’s Daughter)
 Fried Chicken Sandwich (Shalhoob's Funk Zone Patio)
 Mole Chicken Taco (Shalhoob's Funk Zone Patio)
 What's Zaap? Noodle (What's Zaap? Thai Food)
 Nam Toc Burrito (Blue Owl)
 Chicken Fried Rice (Blue Owl)
 Jerk Chicken (House Of Dutch Pot)
 "The Greek" Sandwich (NoButcher)
 Cacio e Pepe Arancini (Bettina)
 Pork Sausage Pizza (Bettina)
 Pineapple Express (Chefs Touch)
 House Cured Pork Belly Pizza (Roof 106)
 La Havana Panini (Nutmeg Bakery and Cafe)
 NOLA Jambalaya (NOLA on 5th)
 Chicken Piccata (Barley and Salt)
 Boss Hawg Sandwich (Shepard Barbecue)
 Pastrami Rib Board (Third Wave Cafe)
 Salsa (Bottle Cap)
 BBQ Meatloaf (Moat Mountain Smokehouse & Brewing)
 Buzz-Buzz Shrimp (Amos Mosquito's Restaurant & Bar)
 Bourbon BBQ Pork Chop (Rose Villa Southern Table & Bar)
 Totchos (Redheaded Stranger)
 BBQ Smoked Alligator Ribs (Millie's Restaurant and Catering)
 Local Fish Collars (Millie's Restaurant and Catering)
 Pork Chop (Garlic)
 Grandma Mabel's Gnocchi (Panheads Pizzeria)
 "Seek and Destroy" Pizza (Panheads Pizzeria)
 Falafel Waffle (King Tuts)
 Peri Peri Wings (King Tuts)
 Chicharron En Salsa (El Mirasol Restaurant)