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ChikaLicious Dessert BarSee ChikaLicious Dessert Bar Video ($$)
(1379 ratings)

203 E 10th St Map It!
New York, NY 10003
(212) 995-9511
  • Fromage Blanc Island "Cheesecake"
    served as a ball in a bowl topped w/ heavy cream; "most mind-blowing dish I've had in 10 years"-Johnny Iuzzini; looks good
4.0 out of 5
1379 ratings
est. in 2003; 20-seat eatery featuring fresh, fun and innovative individual desserts
HuskSee Husk Video ($$$)
(3225 ratings)

76 Queen St Map It!
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 577-2500
As Seen On:
Best Thing I Ever Ate, Episode: "Smoky"
  • Smoky Bacon Cornbread
    cooked in iron skillet in wood-fired oven; bacon from Benton's farm in TN
4.0 out of 5
3225 ratings
located in historic downtown Charleston
China PoblanoSee China Poblano Video ($$)
(2599 ratings)

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S Map It!
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7900
As Seen On:
Best Thing I Ever Ate, Episode: "Las Vegas"
  • Twenty-Vegetable Fried Rice
    w/ 20 vegetables, you get different flavors with every bite
3.5 out of 5
2599 ratings
in The Cosmopolitan; one of Jose Andres' restaurants
Johnny Iuzzini (bio)   (3 restaurants)