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Levain BakerySee Levain Bakery Video ($$)
(8514 ratings)

167 W 74th St Map It!
New York, NY 10023
(212) 874-6080
  • Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie
    owners' personal favorite cookie; crunchy on the outside & gooey in the inside; "truly life-altering"-Rocco Dispirito; looks good!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    large & thick cookie (6 oz. each); looks good!
4.5 out of 5
8514 ratings
Throwdown: Bobby Flay lost [Bobby's recipe]; opened in 1995; business mission: bake everything fresh and on site each day and to donate the day's leftovers to charity each night
Employees OnlySee Employees Only Video ($$$)
(1488 ratings)

510 Hudson St Map It!
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-3021
  • Bacon Wrapped Lamb Chops
    deep-fried in goose fat
4.0 out of 5
1488 ratings
Forge [CLOSED]See Forge Video ($$$$)
(785 ratings)

432 W 41st St Map It!
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 538-8533
  • "Super Steak"
    16oz dry-aged prime NY strip; Rocco gets it w/ side of "Rossini" (foie gras & black truffles) served on top; looks good
4.0 out of 5
785 ratings
[CLOSED]; est. 1968; restaurant & wine bar
MC KitchenSee MC Kitchen Video ($$$)
(354 ratings)

4141 NE 2nd Ave Map It!
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 456-9948
  • Paccheri
    tubular pasta w/ gravy sauce w/ housemade sausage, mascarpone, broccoli rabe
4.0 out of 5
354 ratings
serving Italian cuisine; "one of the top 3 best Italian restaurants in the entire United States" -Rocco Dispirito
Art and SoulSee Art and Soul Video ($$$)
(908 ratings)

415 New Jersey Ave NW Map It!
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 393-7777
  • Fried Chicken for Two
    double-dredged fried free range chicken served w/ spicy collards, buttermilk mash & gravy; looks good
3.5 out of 5
908 ratings
As Seen On:
Best Thing I Ever Ate, Episode: "Cheesy"
  • Cheese Fondue
3.5 out of 5
928 ratings
Jar ($$$)
(1069 ratings)

8225 Beverly Blvd Map It!
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 655-6566
  • Pot Roast
    signature dish; looks good
  • Char Siu Pork Chop
    Salmon Creek Farms, marinated in Chinese barbecue sauce 1-2 days; slow cooked & served w/ pesto, roasted onion & fries; looks good
3.5 out of 5
1069 ratings
opened in 2001; classic American comfort food w/ an upscale, modern twist
Junior'sSee Junior's Video ($$)
(1771 ratings)

386 Flatbush Ave Map It!
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 852-5257
  • Cheesecake
    New York style cheesecake; sponge cake crust (rather than graham cracker); "I literally never tasted a cheesecake quite as good as Junior's"-Rocco Dispirito
  • Strawberry Shortcake
    multi-layered tall cake
3.5 out of 5
1771 ratings
#34 (101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown); opened in 1950
  • Cavatelli Broccoli Rabe & Sausage
    cavatelli (pasta) w/ sausage, broccoli rabe and garlic; looks good
3.5 out of 5
139 ratings
Sant AmbroeusSee Sant Ambroeus Video ($$$)
(260 ratings)

259 W 4th St Map It!
New York, NY 10014
(212) 604-9254
  • Sant Ambroeus (Chocolate Mousse Cake)
    chocolate custard surrounded by chocolate mousse which is then spayed w/ liquid chocolate to give a velour texture and topped w/ chocolate; "one of the best desserts I've ever had in my life"-Rocco Dispirito
3.5 out of 5
260 ratings
coffee shop honoring old Italian-style cafe tradition
  • Garlic Shrimp
    you can sop up the garlic infused butter sauce w/ bread after you eat the shrimp; looks good
3.5 out of 5
801 ratings
[CLOSED]; casual neighborhood restaurant with a continental menu; Michelin Guide recommended (2011)
  • Pizza (several slices)
    NY-style pizza; looks good
3.5 out of 5
794 ratings
Tal BagelsSee Tal Bagels Video ($)
(261 ratings)

979 1st Ave Map It!
New York, NY 10022
(212) 753-9080
As Seen On:
Best Thing I Ever Ate, Episode: "At a Deli"
  • Everything Bagel
    toasted twice, scallion cream cheese, capers, red onions, sliced tomatos, smoked salmon; looks good
3.0 out of 5
261 ratings
Pierre'sSee Pierre's Video ($$$)
(243 ratings)

2468 Main St Map It!
Bridgehampton, NY 11932
(631) 537-5110
  • Buche De Noel
    chocolate layered cake in the shape of a log; looks good
2.5 out of 5
243 ratings
est. 2000; French bistro specializing in seafood
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