Cheryl James/Sandra Denton (Salt-N-Pepa) (bio)

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Restaurant What to Get Show / Episode / Recommended By Yelp! Rating Restaurant Notes
Bowery Meat Company
9 E 1st St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 460-5255
  • Bread Pudding
4.0 out of 5
303 ratings
Mohawk House
3 Sparta Junction
Sparta, NJ 07871
(973) 729-6464
  • 10 Mile Burger
    50/50 mangalitsa bacon burger, monterey cheese, hand rolled sesame bun, free range chicken; looks good
  • Molten Chocolate Cake
    dark chocolate sea salt molten cake w/ raspberry, Madagascar bourbon vanilla ice cream; looks good
4.0 out of 5
184 ratings
since 2005; "a warm inviting atmosphere, a historic and visually appealing setting, seamless service, outstanding wine, exceptional craft beer, and most importantly...beautiful food" (from its website)
 Cheryl James/Sandra Denton (Salt-N-Pepa) (bio)  (2 restaurants)