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Aguila Sandwich ShopAguila Sandwich Shop (CLOSED)
3200 W Hillsborough Ave Map It!
Tampa, FL 33614
(813) 876-4022
  • Medianoche Sandwich
    similar to a Cuban sandwich; boiled ham, serrano, slow-roasted pulled pork, Swiss, salami, mayo, mustard & pickles on an egg bread bun & panini-pressed; looks good
  • Cubano (Cuban Sandwich)
    "locals say is one of the most delicious and authentic cubanos in the country"-Adam Richman; looks good
4.5 out of 5
105 ratings
CLOSED; in Ybor City, a historic neighborhood in Tampa filled with a rich Latin tradition
John's Roast PorkJohn's Roast Pork
14 Snyder Ave Map It!
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 463-1951
  • Cheesesteaks
    steak cooked on flat top melded w/ carmalized onions, "long hots" (pepper cooked in olive oil), extra sharp provolone & then served on gutted sesame seed sub roll; recommended w/ ketchup & mayo (a Philly sacrilege); looks good
4.5 out of 5
1013 ratings
est. 1930; James Beard Award winner (2006)
Los Reyes de la TortaLos Reyes de la Torta
9230 N 7th St Map It!
Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 870-2967
  • Torta Del Reyes
    huge torta (Mexican sandwich) w/ ham, melted cheese, pork sirloin, breaded beef, w/ refried beans, hot dog meat & chorizo omelet, tomato, onion, avocado & chipotle sauce; served w/ chopped onion & cilantro w/ garnished salad; Mexican sandwich
4.5 out of 5
602 ratings
opened in 2001; serving authentic Mexican food
Mitchell DelicatessenMitchell Delicatessen
1306 McGavock Pike Map It!
Nashville, TN 37216
(615) 262-9862
  • Asian Flank Steak Sandwich
    sliced marinated & grilled Angus flank, topped w/ melted Provolone cheese & Asian-influenced giardiniera; available on Mondays only; looks good
4.5 out of 5
341 ratings
est. 2008; specialize in fresh artisan sandwiches w/ focus on supporting the local economy; moved from original location at 1402 McGavock Pike
Phil's BBQPhil's BBQ
3750 Sports Arena Blvd Map It!
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 226-6333
  • El Toro Sandwich
    winner of Best Sandwich (West Coast); char-grilled sliced tri-tip topped w/ signature BBQ sauce & served on Kaiser roll; looks good
4.5 out of 5
11789 ratings
opened in 1998; "long lines of anticipation, an energetic, friendly atmosphere, fantastic food, huge portions and many, many, paper towels"
Salumi Artisan Cured MeatsSalumi Artisan Cured Meats
309 3rd Ave S Map It!
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 621-8772
  • Oxtail Sandwich
    slow-boiled, pulled & simmered in homemade marinara sauce; served in French baguette w/ 2 different spreads (breadcrumb olive oil & parsley-caper) & sauteed onions & peppers; available only few times per year (see Twitter to see when available); sells out in "minutes" (long lines); recommended by celebrity chef Mario Batali; looks good
4.5 out of 5
1244 ratings
opened in 1999; owned by celebrity chef Mario Batali's sister; in heart of Seattle's historic Pioneer Square district
108 E York St Map It!
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 443-9555
  • Conquistador Sandwich
    baked marinated chicken breast, served w/ lettuce, tomato & special sauce on French bread; winner of Best Sandwich (South); looks good
4.5 out of 5
1032 ratings
Best Sandwich in America (Runer-Up); mixture of international cuisine (Swiss, Italian, South African and Dutch)
Black SheepBlack Sheep (CLOSED)
901 W Marshall St Map It!
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 648-1300
  • USS Virginia
    2-foot sub w/ fried chicken livers loaded into a toasted french baguette w/ shredded cabbage, green onions, granny smith apple & remoulade sauce; winner of Best Sandwich (Mid Atlantic)
  • USS Brooklyn
    2-foot subs w/ jerk barbecued chicken, loaded into a toasted french baguette w/ shredded cabbage, roasted banana ketchup & peach chutney; looks good
4.0 out of 5
745 ratings
Book Trader CafeBook Trader Cafe
1140 Chapel St Map It!
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 787-6147
  • A Tale of Two Turkeys
    sandwich w/ fresh roasted sliced turkey breast served on onion rye w/ housemade Russian dressing, Swiss cheese & housemade slaw
4.0 out of 5
112 ratings
cafe shop inside book store located on Yale's campus
Bunk SandwichesBunk Sandwiches (CLOSED)
621 SE Morrison St Map It!
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 328-2865
  • Pork Belly Cubano
    use 2-day cured pork belly (rather than traditional roast pork) served w/ ham, swiss, pickles, mayo, hot sauce and mustard; looks good
  • Pork Belly Rueben
    w/ Russian dressing (mixed w/ bacon fat!), swiss and kraut; looks good
  • Salt Cod Sandwich
    pureed salt cod w/ Spanish chorizo, marinated olives, olive oil & red wine vinegar
4.0 out of 5
621 ratings
CLOSED; #97 (101 More Amazing Places to Chowdown); owned and operated by good friends and sandwich aficionados who used to work in fine dining; Other Recipes: Red Beans & Rice
Crown Candy KitchenCrown Candy Kitchen
1401 Saint Louis Ave Map It!
St. Louis, MO 63106
(314) 621-9650
  • Heart Stopping BLT
    thick-sliced bacon, lettuce & tomato w/ Miracle Whip served on white toast
  • Crown Candy 5-Milkshake Challenge
    challenge: 5 malt milkshakes in 30 minutes; Adam lost
4.0 out of 5
437 ratings
opened in 1913; "giant step back in time...vintage jukebox, the coca-cola collectibles, the soda fountain"; packed even in wintertime
Domilise Sandwich Shop & BarDomilise Sandwich Shop & Bar
5240 Annunciation St Map It!
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 899-9126
  • Shrimp Po' Boy
    fan favorite; suggested by Anthony Bourdain; winner of Best Sandwich (Gulf Coast); double-dredged fried gulf shrimp w/ hot sauce & shredded lettuce on sub roll
  • The Peacemaker Po' Boy
    po' boy sandwich w/ half shrimp & half oysters
4.0 out of 5
410 ratings
#3 (Top 5 Restaurants-Best Lunch); #91 (101 More Amazing Places to Chowdown); Food War: Domilise's vs. Parkway... Domilise's won (3-votes-to-2)
Faidley SeafoodFaidley Seafood
200 N Paca St Map It!
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 727-4898
  • Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
    award-winning; won 1st place in "Best of Baltimore" '89 - '99; they will ship; looks good
  • Raw Oysters
4.0 out of 5
923 ratings
#7 (101 More Amazing Places to Chowdown); since 1886; fresh seafood; written up in Southern Living, GQ & Baltimore Magazine; parts of movie "Sleepless in Seattle" & TV program "Homicide" were filmed here
Jumpin' Jay's Fish CafeJumpin' Jay's Fish Cafe
150 Congress St Map It!
Portsmouth, NH 03804
(603) 766-3474
  • Crab Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    freshly picked Jonah crab meat w/ Vermont sharp cheddar; offered seasonally; endorsed by Samantha Brown; looks good
4.0 out of 5
291 ratings
two blocks down from Market Square in Portsmouth
Katz's DelicatessenKatz's Delicatessen
205 E Houston St Map It!
New York, NY 10002
(212) 254-2246
  • Corned Beef Sandwich
    2nd top seller; looks good; looks good; 2nd top seller; looks good
  • Pastrami Sandwich
    top seller; looks good; Adam adds corned beef, Russian dressing & slaw; brined for 30 days; hand-carved, hence thicker-sliced; looks good; top seller; looks good
  • Knoblewurst (garlic beef sausage)
  • Rueben
    looks good
4.0 out of 5
8451 ratings
#5 (101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown);
Food War: Katz's vs. 2nd Ave... Katz's won (3-votes-to-2); oldest deli in America (1888); where "Harry Met Sally" was filmed (orgasm scene); don't lose your ticket to order or it will cost you $50 (and they have a cop guarding the door)
Noble Sandwich CoNoble Sandwich Co
12233 620 N Map It!
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 382-6248
  • Seared Beef Tongue Sandwich
    braised for 7 hrs, sliced & seared on flat top; served w/ smoked green onions, red pepper relish & aioli; winner of Best Sandwich (Southwest)
  • Knuckle Sandwich
    sliced roast beef re-heated in oven w/ carmelized onions, cheddar cheese & au jus, served on homemade bread dipped in au jus & a spread of "knuckle sauce" (horseradish-based); looks good!
  • Smoked Duck Pastrami
    a top seller; duck smoked for 6 hrs; shredded & served w/ Russian dressing & rye pickles all on homemade wheat or white bread; looks good
  • The Noble Pig
    spicy ham, pulled pork, provolone & bacon served on homemade bread w/ housemade mustard & mayo; looks good
4.0 out of 5
350 ratings
#3 (Top 5 Restaurants-Best Sandwiches); opened in 2010; serve breakfast & lunch only; disco ball in kitchen; "everything you guys do...the time you take, the energy, the attitude, the dedication...tying it all together and making outstanding artisan sandwiches--that's what Triple-D's all about"-Guy Fieri
301 E Bay St Map It!
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 356-7100
  • Duck Grilled Cheese
    duck confit, green tomato, gruyere & white american cheese on thick cut sourdough
4.0 out of 5
183 ratings
"lunch done differently" (from its website); breakfast & lunch only
Salt Lick BBQSalt Lick BBQ
18300 FM 1826 Map It!
Driftwood, TX 78619
(512) 858-4959
  • BBQ
  • Brisket Jalapeno Sandwich
    smoked 4-6 hrs in oakwood & wet pecan shells; recommended w/ housemade pickled jalapenos & spicy habanero BBQ sauce by Bobby Flay; looks good
  • BBQ Beef Ribs
    available only on Sunday afternoons; looks good
  • Beef Brisket
    smoked 20 hrs & regularly basted; looks good; looks good; top seller
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Family Style Plate
    heaping helpings of beef, sausage, and pork ribs, served with potato salad, cole slaw, beans, bread, pickles, and onions; sold per person; "some of the best BBQ I've ever tasted"; looks good
4.0 out of 5
3561 ratings
#7 (101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown); opened in 1967; institution BBQ restaurant; large open pit BBQ
Skipper's Smokehouse & Oyster BarSkipper's Smokehouse & Oyster Bar
910 Skipper Rd Map It!
Tampa, FL 33613
(813) 971-0666
  • Blackened-Grouper Reuben
    award-winning; blackened grouper grilled on flat top, topped w/ thousand island dressing, Swiss cheese & caramelized sauerkraut served on marble rye bread; looks good
  • Gator Tail
    tastes like "pork"; looks like a spare rib
4.0 out of 5
244 ratings
opened in 1980; shack atmosphere
Slows Bar BqSlows Bar Bq
2138 Michigan Ave Map It!
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 962-9828
  • Beef Brisket Enchilada
  • Yardbird Sandwich
    pulled smoked Amish chicken breast drenched in housemade mustard BBQ sauce, tossed w/ sauteed mushrooms & cheddar & topped w/ applewood bacon; winner of Best Sandwich (Great Lakes); looks good!
  • Triple Threat Pork Sandwich
    signature sandwich; Applewood bacon, pulled pork and ham stacked high; choice of 7 BBQ sauces (Adam used Orange Pop BBQ); looks good
4.0 out of 5
1771 ratings
Best Sandwich in America (Runer-Up); #40 (101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown); opened in 2005
2726 W 43rd St Map It!
Minneapolis, MN 55410
(612) 354-2806
  • Fish Taco Torta
    beer-battered & deep-fried mahi-mahi topped w/ creamy peppadew pepper slaw, cilantro, lime & tortilla chips; endorsed by Andrew Zimmern; looks good
4.0 out of 5
527 ratings
Tommy DiNic'sTommy DiNic's
1136 Arch St Map It!
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 923-6175
  • Roast Pork Sandwich
    looks good; winner of Best Sandwich (Northeast & America); get w/ sharp provolone & sauted broccoli rabe; looks good
4.0 out of 5
1779 ratings
Best Sandwich in America (#1 Winner) ; #50 (101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown); at Reading Terminal Market; started as a butcher shop in South Philly in 1918
Al's #1 Italian BeefAl's #1 Italian Beef
1079 W Taylor St Map It!
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 226-4017
  • Italian Beef Sandwich
    have it dipped Italian beef gravy w/ Italian relish; looks good; winner of Best Sandwich (Midwest); topped w/ spicy gardinaire (Italian relish) and dipped in beef gravy; have it dipped Italian beef gravy; looks good
3.5 out of 5
437 ratings
#5 (Top 5 Restaurants-Best Sandwiches); #11 (101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown);
Food War: Al's #1 vs. Mr. Beef... Mr. Beef won (4-votes-to-1); opened in 1938; in Little Italy
Big-Ass SandwichesBig-Ass Sandwiches (CLOSED)
304 SE 2nd Ave Map It!
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 803-0619
  • "The Richwich"
    over-stuffed sandwich w/ signature slow-roasted beef, bacon & grilled onions piled onto a ciabatta roll w/ hand-cut fries, covered w/ homemade Bechamel cheese sauce; looks good; winner of Best Sandwich (Northwest)
3.5 out of 5
345 ratings
CLOSED; #21 (101 More Amazing Places to Chowdown); opened in 2009; husband-and-wife team running a food cart
2047 W Division St Map It!
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 489-5050
  • Four-Courser Sandwich
    whole pork shoulder rubbed & smoked 13-hrs over apple wood, pulled & tossed in gouda bechamel, topped w/ deep-fried jalapenos, sweet potato chips, mac 'n cheese waffle, smokey BBQ sauce on a pretzel bun
3.5 out of 5
590 ratings
#5 (101 More Amazing Places to Chowdown); sports bar w/ 2 full bars, 19 flat screen TVs & a restaurant that offer 3 levels, each with a different "vibe"
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