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Bang Bang Burgers
2001 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 375-4505
  • Fried Sweet Potato Brie Burger
    topped w/ maple cranberry sauce
  • Pimento Burger
    homemade pimento cheese & fried pickles; looks good
4.5 out of 5
469 ratings
burgers from the highest quality, Black Angus whole muscle cuts of short rib & chuck produced by NYC's own Pat La Frieda
FuD at Salud
3306A N Davidson St
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 232-4943
  • Chicken and Waffles Waffle-wich
    waffle sandwich w/ chicken salad, candied walnuts, bacon & maple syrup
  • You're Killin' Me, S'mores Waffle-wich
    waffle sandwich w/ homemade toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, Nutella; looks good
4.5 out of 5
84 ratings
funky deli w/ unique, creative spins on traditional sandwiches; known for their "Waffle-wiches"; Other Recipes: Homemade Marshmallows
Papi Queso
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 579-1779
  • "The Pig Mac"
    grilled cheese sandwich w/ pulled pork, bourbon onions, mac 'n' cheese, cheddar; looks good
  • Mushroom Gruyere Grilled Cheese
    w/ truffle spread, pan-roasted mushrooms, Gruyere cheese; recommend dipping w/ tomato soup (if available); "out of all the grilled cheese I've ever had, that's the peak" -Guy Fieri; looks good
4.5 out of 5
124 ratings
est. 2012; food truck specializing in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches
TIN Kitchen
Trade and Tryon
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 750-0477
  • Buffalo Cauliflower Sliders
    cauliflower steak-sliced w/ buffalo sauce; served w/ slaw, blue cheese
  • Chana Masala Tacos
    chickpea-based sauce & topped w/ apricot & Medjool date couscous; looks good
4.5 out of 5
146 ratings
since 2011; food truck; go to website to find locations
300 East
300 East Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 332-6507
  • Butterscotch Ice Cream Sandwich
    Sorghum molasses cookies w/ side caramelized pineapple; "one of the best desserts I've ever had on Triple-D" -Guy Fieri; looks good
  • Lamb & Mushroom Ragout
    served on Bosky Acres goat cheese ravioli w/ lemon-mint-goat cheese butter
4.0 out of 5
560 ratings
opened in 1986; independent, mother-and-daughter-owned casual dining establishment offering creative American-Eclectic cuisine in a fun & historic house built in 1900
Cabo Fish Taco
3201 N Davidson St
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 332-8868
4.0 out of 5
951 ratings
1220 Thomas Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 344-0343
  • Chicken and Dumplings
    top seller; made from scratch; looks good
  • Salmon Patties
    fresh salmon broken down from whole fish; formed into patties, padded w/ Panko (Japanese bread crumbs) & skillet fried; served w/ honey-orange butter
4.0 out of 5
442 ratings
opened in 2002; southern comfort food; "disarmingly unpretentious kind of joint you immediately warm to as though it were your mama's or grandma's kitchen" (from its website)
Improper Pig
110 S Sharon Amity Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 714-7878
  • Chow Bow Taco
    choice of pulled pork, chicken, chopped brisket, grilled salmon or smoked tofu tossed in spicy hoisen sauce in a steamed bao bun w/ Asian slaw; Guy got pulled pork; looks good
  • Improper Charcuterie
    carnivore's delight; pulled pork, brisket, ribs, Andouille, pimento cheese, slaw, house chips & pickled onions; looks good
4.0 out of 5
202 ratings
serving classic BBQ as well as twists such as southern egg rolls & Korean barbecue salmon; Other Recipes: BBQ Rub
Intermezzo Pizzeria and Cafe
1427 E 10th St
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 347-2626
  • Piroska
    Balkan style stuffed pizza w/ ham, mushrooms, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, sour cream; looks good
  • Sarma
    cabbage rolls w/ ground beef, rice, bacon, spices; served w/ house-made bread
4.0 out of 5
251 ratings
since 2007; serving hand-tossed pizza & unique Serbian dishes; Other Recipes: Eggplant Musaka
JJ's Red Hots
1514 East Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203
(980) 225-8880
  • Chili Cheese Coney
    w/ housemade chili, shredded cheese, diced onions; looks good
  • Kasekrainer
    homemade traditional Austrian-sausage w/ cheese in middle topped w/ kraut, house-pickled onions, hot-blonde mustard on potato roll; looks good
4.0 out of 5
325 ratings
hot dog joint serving Sahlen's smokehouse as well as house-made hot dogs and sausages; Other Recipes: Hot Dog Chili
Krazy Fish
2501 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 332-1004
  • Gumbo
    w/ pulled pork, chicken, shrimp & served on rice; looks good
  • Seafood Diablo
    fish, shrimp, calamari & scallops sauteed w/ peppers, onions & celery in a spicy Cajun marinara; served over rice; looks good
4.0 out of 5
380 ratings
opened in 2011; wild, eclectic & "krazy" joint w/ two covered patios, two fully stocked bars & a huge selection of Domestics, Imports & Kraft beers
Pinky's Westside Grill
1600 W Morehead St
Charlotte, NC 28208
(704) 332-0402
  • Asian Pork Burger
    pork burger, Asian sauce, slaw
  • Corn Dog Shrimp
    large shrimp dipped in corn dog batter & deep-fried; served w/ waffle fries, southern slaw & dipping sauce
  • Triple "G" Burger
    three 5-oz patties, cheese (optional), slaw, mustard, chopped onions, chili; looks good
4.0 out of 5
812 ratings
owner/chef used to run Penguin Drive-In (which closed); used to be a garage that worked on VWs (and hence a VW on the roof); Other Recipes: Carolina Burger Chili
Pit Road Bar & Grill
Victory Lane Karting
Charlotte, NC 28206
(704) 373-9740
  • "Hot Lap" Sandwich
    spicy shredded chicken served on toasted ciabatta roll topped w/ melted mozzarella cheese, fresh cilantro & jalapeno-cilantro crema
  • "The Concord" Sandwich
    house made North Carolina mission fig preserve spread on toasted ciabatta roll & topped w/ aged steak filet & blue cheese crumbles; looks good
4.0 out of 5
19 ratings
opened in 2013; sports bar w/ go-kart track & conference facility
Price's Chicken Coop
1614 Camden Rd
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 333-9866
  • Fried Chicken
    marinated for over 24 hrs; looks good
  • Fried Gizzards
  • Fried Livers
4.0 out of 5
347 ratings
opened in 1962; take-out only (no tables) & cash only; long lines
South 21 Drive In
3101 E Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 377-4509
  • Onion Rings
    double-dipped & dredged & deep-fried
  • Super Boy Burger
    best seller; double-burger; ask for "Carolina style" (w/ slaw & scratch-made chili)
4.0 out of 5
75 ratings
since 1955; local legend drive-in
TEN Park Lanes
1700 Montford Dr
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 523-7633
  • Lane Buster
    chocolate fudge & roasted peanut covered mason jar, layered w/ double fudge brownies, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce & whipped cream
4.0 out of 5
147 ratings
bowling alley w/ restaurant having 32 craft beers on tap
Bar-B-Q King
2900 Wilkinson Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28208
(704) 399-8344
  • Bar-B-Q Chicken
    fried chicken dunked in vinegar-based BBQ sauce; "cross between fried chicken, BBQ chicken and chicken wings"; looks good
  • Pulled Pork
3.5 out of 5
129 ratings
since 1959; institution drive-in w/ car hop service
Jackalope Jacks (CLOSED)
1936 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 347-1918
  • Big Eats Challenge
    challenge: 5-lbs of 25 pulled pork sliders & fries in 45 minutes...only defeated once at airing; winner gets free lunch for 1 yr; John Allerd (college freshman) lost
  • Kobe Mexicali Burger
    9-oz Kobe burger patty topped w/ guacamole, pepperjack cheese, fried jalapenos & pico de gallo (salsa); served w/ sweet potato tater tots; looks good
3.5 out of 5
153 ratings
Jake's Good Eats
12721 Albemarle Rd
Charlotte, NC 28215
(704) 545-4741
  • Blackened Flounder w/ Crawfish Sauce
    served over country ham grit cake and sauteed veggies; looks good
  • Maple-Glazed Pork Chop
    served w/ roasted garlic mashed potatoes, candied apples & sauteed spinach
3.5 out of 5
146 ratings
converted 1930's gas station; under new management as of 7/21/2017
Landmark Restaurant Diner
4429 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 532-1153
  • Roast Young Tom Turkey
    turkey is boiled, sliced & served w/ stuffing, gravy & cranberry sauce
  • Spanakopita
    baked spinach & feta cheese layered in phyllo pastry
3.5 out of 5
229 ratings
family friendly environment w/ a casual, comfortable setting; Other Recipes: Split Pea Soup
Mert's Heart & Soul
214 N College St
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 342-4222
  • Shrimp & Grits
    popcorn shrimp, onion & tomato simmered in brown sauce & served over stone-ground organic grits; served w/ toasted foccacia bread
  • Soul Roll
    two egg roll wraps filled w/ black-eyed peas, seasoned rice, collard greens & diced chicken breasts; served w/ spicy honey mustard sauce
3.5 out of 5
773 ratings
since 1998; serving low-country comfort food cuisine; Other Recipes: Soul Roll
Penguin Drive-In (CLOSED)
1921 Commonwealth Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 375-1925
  • Black Bean Hummus
  • Fried Pickles
    hand-dipped, lightly battered dill pickles; served w/ side of homemade ranch dressing
  • Full Blown Hemi Burger
    3 patty burger
  • Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich
    pimento cheese made from scratch; looks good
  • Penguin Double Pounder
    not on menu; 4 half-pound angus patties sandwiched between pimento cheese & crispy fried pickles; looks (disgustingly) good
3.0 out of 5
292 ratings
CLOSED; opened in 1954; Charlotte institution and landmark; long lines; Other Recipes: Pimento Cheese
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