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As Seen On:
Best Thing I Ever Ate, Episode: "For Brunch"
  • Bacon with Cheese Oven Baked Omelette
    comes with pancakes; looks good
4.5 out of 5
731 ratings
90 Miles Cuban CafeSee 90 Miles Cuban Cafe Video ($)
(806 ratings)

3101 N Clybourn Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 248-2822
  • Fricassee de Pollo
    seasoned chicken seared & boiled in tomato-potato-olive based sauce; served w/ yellow rice & sweet plantains; try eating rice, plantains & chicken together; looks good
  • Puerco Roast de Asado
    shredded roasted pork shoulder rubbed in prune-bacon-brown sugar-malta mix & finished on flattop w/ carmelized onions; served w/ black beans, white rice & plantains; looks good
4.0 out of 5
806 ratings
opened in 2008; husband-and-wife team; family left Cuba on a shrimp boat on June 13, 1980 to reach Key West only 90 Miles away
Ann Sather RestaurantSee Ann Sather Restaurant Video ($$)
(918 ratings)

909 W Belmont Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 348-2378
  • French Toast Fantasy
    use sliced pecan rolls as "toast"; topped w/ toasted oats, fruit & powder sugar; looks good
  • Pecan Rolls
    small plate-sized; looks good
  • Cinnamon Rolls
4.0 out of 5
918 ratings
Swedish cuisine & catering; multiple locations in Chicago; Other Recipes: Swedish Meatballs
BanderaSee Bandera Video ($$)
(1850 ratings)

535 N Michigan Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 644-3524
  • Banana Cream Pie
    also in AZ, CA
4.0 out of 5
1850 ratings
also located in Scottsdale, Sacramento, Corona del Mar and Brentwood
  • Pepperoni Panzerotti
    house dough, red sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella; folded, sealed & baked (fried on request); "everything that you ever craved in a pizza x10!" -Jeff Mauro
4.0 out of 5
143 ratings
est. 1963; family owned & operated pizzeria known for home-style food, alongside sister deli next door
BIG & little'sSee BIG & little's Video ($$)
(1214 ratings)

860 N Orleans St Map It!
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 943-0000
  • Fish and Chips
    beer-battered deep fried cod; fries are double-fried; looks good
  • Foie Gras & Fries
    pan-fried foie gras on double-fried fries topped w/ duck fat (rendered from foie gras); looks good
  • Pork Belly Po'Boy
    deep-fried cubed pork belly w/ Louisiana hot sauce, homemade maple glaze, shredded lettuce, sliced dill pickle served on sub roll; looks good
4.0 out of 5
1214 ratings
opened in 2009; gourmet fast food 12-seat joint; created by 2 best friends since 3rd grade; cash only
Blue Springs CafeSee Blue Springs Cafe Video ($$)
(227 ratings)

3505 George St Map It!
Highland, IL 62249
(618) 654-5788
  • Foot-Hi Lemon Meringue Pie
    each pie uses 12 egg whites to create the foot-high meringue topping
4.0 out of 5
227 ratings
country kitchen decor
Bongo RoomSee Bongo Room Video ($$)
(1621 ratings)

1470 N Milwaukee Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 489-0690
As Seen On:
Guilty Pleasures, Episode: "Killer Combos"
  • Chocolate Tower French Toast
    French toast w/ mascarpone-banana pudding-infused chocolate-chunked bread served on banana brulee sauce & topped w/ slices of banana, white & black chocolate shavings; looks good
4.0 out of 5
1621 ratings
Bop N GrillSee Bop N Grill Video ($$)
(877 ratings)

6604 N Sheridan Rd Map It!
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 654-3224
  • Philly Cheesesteak Eggroll
    east-meets-west fusion; grilled marinated sliced rib eye, American cheese wrapped in eggroll wrapper and deep-fried; sliced length-wise & topped w/ cheese sauce & seseme seed; looks good
  • Umami Burger
    80-20 Angus burger w/ truffled mushroom duxelle, sun-dried tomato confit, togarashi mayo, bacon, smoked gouda; "it is in the top best burgers I've ever had" -Guy Fieri; looks good; #6 in Triple D's "Top 10 Burgers" (voted by viewers)
4.0 out of 5
877 ratings
opened in 2009; Korean burger joint
  • Horseshoe
    2 slices of toast topped w/ hamburger, ham, bacon, sausage, turkey, chicken breast, pork tenderloin, walleye or buffalo chicken topped w/ cheese sauce & fries or tater tots; top lunchtime seller is hamburger w/ cheese sauce; looks good
  • Pancakes
    16-inch pancake
4.0 out of 5
330 ratings
est. 1992; located in a Quonset hut (manufactured during World War II that was meant to house people & protect materials)
As Seen On:
Best Thing I Ever Ate, Episode: "Road Trip"
  • Pizza Pot Pie
    making since 1972; "one of the weirdest and tastiest things I've ever had"-Marc Murphy; baked as a pot pie w/ cheese on the bottom, then sauce and crust on top... when served, it's inverted onto the plate to form the pizza pie; looks good
4.0 out of 5
2639 ratings
opened in 1972; across the street from the notorious "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (February 14, 1929)
  • Cochinita Pibil
    slow-roasted (12-hrs) shredded pork dish originating from the Yucatan Peninsula; looks good
4.0 out of 5
798 ratings
D'arcy's Pint ($$)
(497 ratings)

661 W Stanford Ave Map It!
Springfield, IL 62704
(217) 492-8800
As Seen On:
Man v. Food, Episode: "Springfield"
  • Horseshoe
    looks good
4.0 out of 5
497 ratings
Delia's Kitchen ($$)
(457 ratings)

1034 W Lake St Map It!
Oak Park, IL 60301
(708) 358-1300
  • Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
    fresh blueberries in the batter, lemon ricotta on top & blueberry compote; "best thing I ever ate...breakfast-style" -Jeff Mauro; looks good
4.0 out of 5
457 ratings
cafe serving homestyle breakfasts & lunches w/ gluten-free & vegetarian options
Dimo's Pizza ($)
(970 ratings)

3463 N Clark St Map It!
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 525-4580
As Seen On:
Pizza Party
  • Chicken n' Waffles Pizza
    fried chicken, melted butter, mozzarella & homemade mini waffle bites on a creme fraiche base topped w/ maple syrup
  • Chilaquiles Pizza
4.0 out of 5
970 ratings
Diner Grill ($)
(272 ratings)

1635 W Irving Park Rd Map It!
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 248-2030
  • Double Cheeseburger
    looks good
  • The Slinger
    hash browns, two hamburger patties, grilled onions, two eggs over easy all covered w/ chili; looks good
4.0 out of 5
272 ratings
old-style railroad-car diner w/ counter service
DMK Burger BarSee DMK Burger Bar Video ($$)
(1981 ratings)

2954 N Sheffield Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 360-8686
  • Bison Burger
    served w/ fresh goat cheese, pickled red onions, blueberry BBQ sauce; looks good
  • Salmon Burger
    ground salmon, ginger & scallion; served w/ red Thai curry sauce and Asian slaw; looks good
  • Truffle Fries
    french fries tossed in Parmesean cheese and topped w/ truffle aioli; looks good
4.0 out of 5
1981 ratings
opened in 2009; recognized in multiple publications including Bon Appetit, Chicago Tribune; 8 blocks from Wrigley Field; Other Recipes: Truffle Cream Sauce
Dove's Luncheonette ($$)
(678 ratings)

1545 N Damen Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 645-4060
As Seen On:
Iron Chef Eats, Episode: "Best Breakfasts"
  • Arroz Con Carnitas
    braised pork shoulder w/ rice, pigeon peas & giardiniera; Jonathon adds a poached egg; looks good
  • Pozole Rojo
    slow braised beef cheek, hominy in rich spicy pork stock w/ side of condiments
4.0 out of 5
678 ratings
since 2014; 41-stool counter service w/ Southern-inspired Mexican cuisine, alongside a tequila and mezcal-focused bar program, w/ the spirit of genuine hospitality
Everest [CLOSED]See Everest Video ($$$$)
(384 ratings)

440 S La Salle St Map It!
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 663-8920
  • Foie Gras Terrine w/ Marinated Figs
    takes 5 days to make; interchanging layers of foie gras and prune-brandy-marinated flattened figs; "life-changing... becaused I decided to go to culinary school"-Claire Robinson
4.0 out of 5
384 ratings
[CLOSED]; located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange offering breathtaking views of Chicago; "Four stars - Chicago's most romantic restaurant"-Chicago Tribune; where Claire's father flew her for her 21st birthday
  • Arroz Gordo
    "the fat rice"; paella topped w/ chorizo, chicken, pork shoulder, sausage, beef, stuffed prawns, vegetables & fried croutons; served w/ marinated boiled egg & chili flake lemon; looks good
4.0 out of 5
1065 ratings
temporarily closed; opened in 2012; specializes in the food of Macau, a former Portuguese colony in China; chef won a James Beard award in 2018
Fatso's Last Stand ($)
(850 ratings)

2258 W Chicago Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 245-3287
  • Phil's Special Dog
    hot dog link stuffed in Polish sausage, grilled & put in toasted French roll w/ smeared w/ Wisconsin cheddar & topped w/ mac-and-cheese-and-salami; not on menu; looks good
4.0 out of 5
850 ratings
#42 (101 More Amazing Places to Chowdown); opened in 2012; specialize mainly in hot dogs; formerly Phil's Last Stand
  • Chicken Vesuvio
    chicken & potato wedges w/ garlic & seasonings, plus sherry wine; roasted at high temp & served w/ a garnish; "melts in your mouth" -Dan Kohler
4.0 out of 5
461 ratings
est. 1980; authentic Italian family restaurant offering classics & comfort food
Franks 'N' Dawgs [CLOSED] ($$)
(656 ratings)

1863 N Clybourn Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 281-5187
  • The Tur-Doggin
    turkey & date sausage topped w/ duck confit served on a lobster roll; twist of the turducken
4.0 out of 5
656 ratings
Frontera GrillSee Frontera Grill Video ($$$)
(2362 ratings)

445 N Clark St Map It!
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 661-1434
  • Carne Asada a la Oaxaquena
    rib steak; looks good
4.0 out of 5
2362 ratings
Gene's Sausage Shop ($$)
(499 ratings)

4750 N Lincoln Ave Map It!
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 728-7243
As Seen On:
Sausage Paradise
  • Alpine Sausage
    signature & best-seller; twist on Polish kielbasa w/ a double-dose of garlic & smoke time (smoked in cherrywood & mequite sawdust for 4 hrs); served w/ sweet-tart sauerkraut; looks good
4.0 out of 5
499 ratings
est. 1972; butcher, cure & smoke all meats on-site from recipes brought from Poland; carries over 40 varieties of homemade natural wood-smoked sausages; dining area at rooftop beer-and-wine garden
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