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 Newest Shows (Date Added)
 DDD - "Chicken Trifecta" (6/9/17)
 DDD - "Rockstar Chefs" (6/5/17)
 DDD - "Meaty Masterpieces" (5/17/17)
 DDD - "Turkey, Taters and Dogs" (5/12/17)
 Iron Chef Eats - "Best Breakfasts" (4/30/17)
 DDD - "Multicultural Cooking" (4/28/17)
 Iron Chef Eats - "Comfort Food" (4/23/17)
 Iron Chef Eats - "Pizza Perfection" (4/23/17)
 DDD - "Wonder Women" (4/21/17)
 Iron Chef Eats - "Lip-Smacking Barbecue" (4/16/17)
 Iron Chef Eats - "Beloved Burgers" (4/16/17)
 DDD - "Small Town Sensations" (4/10/17)
 All-American Classics (4/9/17)
 Food With a View (3/12/17)
 DDD - "All Stacked Up" (3/10/17)
 DDD - "Hearty Home Cookin'" (2/24/17)
 DDD - "Beef, Lamb and Pig" (2/17/17)
 DDD - "Swiss, Sandwiches and Sausage" (2/10/17)
 DDD - "Deep-Fried Favorites" (1/27/17)
 Vegas, Baby! (1/22/17)
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 Newest Restaurants Added
 Frankinbun (Palm Springs)
 Thai Mee Up (Kahului)
 Fleetwood's (Lahaina)
 Shorty's Pizza and Smoked Meat (Superior)
 Huckleberry (Santa Monica)
 Dove's Luncheonette (Chicago)
 Speedy Romeo (Brooklyn)
 More Home Slice Pizza (Austin)
 Fat One's Hot Dogs & Italian Ice (Orlando)
 Mrs Potato (Orlando)
 Sherman's Deli & Bakery (Palm Desert)
 Willie's Pinchos (Orlando)
 Pastrami Project (Orlando)
 Cuchara Restaurant (Houston)
 Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen (San Francisco)
 Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant (Nashville)
 Osteria Morini (New York)
 Greek (New York)
 Cafe No Se (Austin)
 Salvation Burger (New York)
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 Newest Recipes Added
 Vegan Chili (Frankinbun)
 Chicken Catupiry (Mrs Potato)
 Carne Seca Rosti Potato (Mrs Potato)
 Roast Brisket of Beef (Sherman's Deli & Bakery)
 Potato Latkes (Sherman's Deli & Bakery)
 Turkey Pastrami (Sherman's Deli & Bakery)
 Potato Latkes (Pastrami Project)
 Tacos Chelo (Cuchara Restaurant)
 Four-Corner Tortillas (Cuchara Restaurant)
 Roasted Tomato Sauce (Meatball Stoppe)
 Nonna's Traditional Meatballs (Meatball Stoppe)
 Graham Crackers (Se7en Bites)
 Chile Rellenos (Irma's Restaurant)
 Mushroom Gruyere Grilled Cheese (Papi Queso)
 Emince Zurichoise (Swiss Hibiscus)
 Hot Dog Chili (JJ's Red Hots)
 BBQ Rub (Improper Pig)
 Pimento Burger (Bang Bang Burgers)
 Lamb Stuffed Cabbage (Irish Rover)
 Coconut Lime Chicken Stew (Melt Eclectic Cafe)
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